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Of verily, a call for art vendors cometh! Harken ye, fair artists and craftspeople, to the Renaissance Faire Art Market on the 29th day of the merry month of July, where merriment and creativity shall abound. We are in search of talented vendors who wish to share their wares with the good folk of our faire.

With the spirit of the Renaissance at our helm, we invite thee to bring forth thy most magnificent art and artisanal crafts to grace our market. From paintings and drawings to sculptures and jewelry, all manner of fine works shall be considered.

Inspired by the grandeur of the Renaissance, we beseech thee to infuse thy creations with the essence of that noble age. Let thy works be imbued with the splendor of courtly life, the intrigue of the guilds, and the majesty of the art that flourished in those times.

The Renaissance Faire Art Market shall be held on the 28th of the month of July, where our visitors shall flock in droves to peruse thy fine creations. Thou shalt have the opportunity to showcase and sell thy works, and to mingle with other vendors of like-minded talent and passion.

If thou art interested in partaking in this grand occasion, we beseech thee to submit up to five high-quality images of thy works, along with a brief artist statement and bio. Take heed, for the deadline for submissions shall be on the 20th of the month of July, and selected vendors shall be notified forthwith.

Verily, all applications must be made online. The esteemed SAAC Staff and their volunteers shall review these applications, and vendors of worthy craft shall be notified of acceptance via the most expeditious of means, the electronic post, by the 22nd day of July. At this juncture, more information shall be divulged to the chosen vendors, so that they may be fully prepared for the event.

This Art Market shall require a fee of $10 for each booth, payable upon acceptance. This shall assist in covering the expenses of the market, including victuals and other necessities. Booth Payments may be made by cash, card, or check. Thou must supply all thy own tables and decor, and each vendor shall be limited to one table only. All final sales shall go to the vendor, and each artist shall be responsible for handling their own sales taxes.

All sales that occur through the SAAC Artist Store, or other merchandise sold through SAAC, shall be managed by the capable hands of the SAAC Staff and their volunteers.

Come, join us on this grand adventure, and let thy works transport us to the grandeur and magnificence of the Renaissance!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.